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Blizzard has faced scrutiny from players
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Автор:  Gamerzone [ 02 янв 2020, 09:38 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Blizzard has faced scrutiny from players

BlizzCon 2019 will take place and it is Blizzard's largest event of this year. Given that Blizzard typically avoids events such as E3, this usually implies that will see the firm announce new games and expansions and show things that they are working on, also it seems that there could be a chance that Diablo 4 might be declared this year.This is according to some tweet by Kotaku's Jason Schreier who claims that Blizzard will be creating a"big announcement" at BlizzCon this past year. If you are not familiar with the"PR blowup", this past year it had been speculated that Blizzard would be mentioning Diablo 4. Rather, Blizzard announced a mobile version of Diablo known as Diablo Immortals.

This resulted in huge backlash from fans who didn't seem thrilled at the idea of a mobile version of Diablo. To be fair, Blizzard did warning fans before this event they may not announce Diablo 4, however, backlash met it nonetheless.

#BoycottBlizzard is going strong on Twitter thanks for Blizzard's contentious decision to prohibit a player who left a pro-Hong Kong statement, and at this point, fans are wondering if there is something which can save BlizzCon.

In the days because Ng Wai Chung, known at the Hearthstone esports community since Blitzchung, created the announcement supporting Hong Kong, Blizzard has faced scrutiny from players around the world, media outlets, and American politicians. With so much negative attention on the provider it would take a miracle to turn around public understanding of their actions.

Although we know that Blizzard is likely a couple of huge announcements, no information has been given regarding what these announcement may be. There is reason to think it's nothing outside of what the firm already had planned prior to the epidemic of controversy. BlizzCon 2018 was in many ways a tragedy following the ridiculous reveal of the game Diablo Immortal that is mobile-only, leaving fans of the series annoyed and frustrated at the direction Blizzard was taking. The now infamous"Do you guys not have phones?" Quote and query by an attendee asking when this was a late April Fool's joke made it crystal clear that this year Blizzard would want to do better by its own fans.

The logical assumption is that Diablo 4 will probably be declared this year as the announcement of Diablo Immortal was a failure this past year. Before the contentious moves produced by Blizzard last week, that buy Diablo IV Gold could have been newsworthy, but today the news might be too little, too late.There is also the chance of other announcements, but nothing could be quite as big in scale. The following World of Warcraft or expansion may be revealed, or a new Overwatch personality, but these are par for the course and expected announcements either soon afterwards or at BlizzCon.

Автор:  Nextax3000 [ 29 янв 2021, 12:34 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Blizzard has faced scrutiny from players

Fighting. Blizzard. I'm your support.

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