Смоленские совместные покупки  (ССП)

Смоленские совместные покупки (ССП)

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 Заголовок сообщения: I think they need to look into the material caches
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Contains robots for both matches and there are bots for OSRS than RS3. It is probably true that more legit RuneScape players play OSRS than RS3, but it is not just as much as the figures say. No, because if you had an exact count of those bots in RuneScape, you then may have to be a Jagex employee. And if you had counted all the bots in RuneScape and have been a Jagex employee, then you explore or would ban them. However, go walk around in any F2P world in OSRS.overrun with bots. There are some in RS3, for certain, although not to the amount of OSRS. Then you can't say that it is not quite as much as the numbers state lol.I've played games and I played RS3 much more and I will assure that the numbers are absolutely drastic of real RuneScape players between both games if we were to discuss our"feel" of gameplay with OSRS taking the lead.

"Likely". There is definitely way more legit RuneScape players at OSRS. It is always intriguing when RS3 RuneScape players try to pretend that there's a possibility of OSRS becoming popular. You are given the answer by even just simply taking a look at the Twitch/YouTube amounts. You are correct, I probably should not have used"probably", since it is almost surely the case that OSRS has mroe RuneScape players compared to RS3, although there is technically no way to know for certain. All I am saying is the distinction isn't as great as the playcount numbers would make it seem, because it is also"probably" true there are far more bots on OSRS compared to RS3. And Twitch/YT numbers are representative of actual RuneScape players.Keep in mind that"they" that produced RuneScape and"they" that employed the grand exchange are two different groups of people. Firemaking is a lot closer to being balanced around DIY RuneScape gamers. The ideal XP prices come from buying logs, however you are able to train another ability (WCing) at high-ish efficiency (before crystallize anyways) and get reasonable prices at FMing, or do all sorts of hybrid approaches (such as curly roots). A firemaking-related quest gives both an incredible fantastic and daily DIY level technique. The ability is XP rate virtually regardless of what you do, other than bonfiring level logs. And there is no way to prevent those other than getting materials from other RuneScape players.

As an ironman myself, I discovered that this occurred with all the mining and smithing rework to some extent. If you are training both together you wouldn't have ores that are sufficient to coincide with your smithing exp you are becoming. The same holds for archeology - you also receive a few of the substances for the artifacts you are getting but maybe not all of them. Also, hopefully they balanced it so that with the ensemble, boosts and perks (or some other maximum efficacy methods) you would be able to be self sustaining for materials.

I don't understand why they despise taking in-game surveys. It's like they are only trying to take care of RS3 distinct from OSRS for the sake of treating it distinct at this point.We failed have surveys at the same point and it did not go well. Everyone simply voted to create Slayer monsters and nothing else. Regardless of what the post says, Reddit has more of the hardcore RuneScape player base. When they left this to a vote, higher exp rates would almost certainly win.Its since there's a huge stigma around the polls on osrs, ive talked to many of the jmods and some wosh the polls dodent exist as individuals vote without believing any deeper about things that get set up, the surveys at this point is just a mob mentality wanting nothing new but also needing new items, I whould love a few ocational surveys on rs but nothing to the amount of osrs.

I think they need to look into the material caches.. We were 3 peope on 5 Caches and could barely keep them up since they depleted so fast. It would eventually die down. You can't balance a skill for your week of release when everybody is virtually glamorized the ability. The market would start becoming saturated from folks doing ancient chests, these caches and training the skill. The amount of people would die down and it might be scarcely populated by low and ironman degrees trying some money.

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